Julia Lagus (Antro Aum). Remember Where You Came From. The New Gallery. Nov.-Dec. 2004. Jerusalem

It all began when I told to my friend, artist Antro Aum, about my amazing discovery: Sir G. Word’s diary dating from the beginning of the last century. During his archeological excavations in Jerusalem, Sir G. Word discovered 12 small figurines which he thought symbolized the signs of the Zodiac. The diary was so exciting that I decided to write a story about it. The drawings in the diary inspired Antro Aum to create large sculptures and other works of fantasy about those lost civilizations. That’s how our project was born.We are (probably) living on the remains of long-lost, ancient civilizations. It is so exiting that those who formed those civilizations presumed to be the pick of humanity. But they are gone, vanished without a trace – except, perhaps, for a pillar or statue.
We, too, will someday be gone and forgotten, and those who will come after us – and who will build their civilization on the remains of ours – will also ask themselves: who were those people?
Sapir Katz,archaeologist